Energy from the Fire Within

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lilac
We’ve made it to Wednesday, a nd many of us need some energy to get through this middle day of the week. Let’s call a bit of power from without to stoke the fire within.

Gather a piece of carnelian stone and a chime or tealight candle and holder. Light the candle and hold the carnelian stone in front of you in the palm of your left hand. Have the stone positioned between you and the candle. Focus on the light of the candle growing, encompassing you and the carnelian. As its light and fire grows and envelops the carnelian, also see the fire within your own soul growing, energy welling up inside you and the stone. As the energy fields meld together, hold the stone to your heart for a moment. When finished, either snuff out the candle or let it burn down safely and carry the carnelian as a touchstone to the fire that exists within you for strength.
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