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Celebrate the Fullness of Your Life

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Balsam
Like the year and the moon, our lives move through seasons and phases. August opens with Lammas, traditionally the time of the first harvest. We learned in our Pagan 101 classes that we celebrate the full moon by metaphorically harvesting what we have metaphorically planted. So what’s your crop at half past August? How’s your life coming along? Consider this: wherever you are today, your life is full today.

Alone or with your coven, cast your customary full-moon circle with white candles and lunar symbols on the altar. State as your intention that you are celebrating the fullness of your life today—the good things like friendships, enough to eat, ongoing employment, etc. If these things have not quite manifested yet, act as if they are here and give thanks. When you describe them, use the present tense. Feel the fullness shining down upon you in the light of the full moon.
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