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Elvis Has Left the Building

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Thyme
On this day in 1977, the King, Elvis Presley, died. Many people believe he never really died. He simply went away. His influence on music is legendary; his voice is ethereal and haunting. His hipswaying, body-shaking movements are memorable and can still excite the heart of a woman who was young and alive when he took the stage in the 1950s.

His home, Graceland, is a sacred place. People from all over the world make pilgrimages to the final resting place of the King.

Today, recall musicians who have influenced your life, for music is the tapestry of our lives and a personal, magickal experience. We all have favorite musicians whose songs have helped us overcome, get through, celebrate, heal, make love, and be inspired. Find one of your favorite songs and give it a listen. Give thanks for musicians and the blessings they bring to all our lives.
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