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The Black Hound’s Tooth

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Narcissus
This spell uses animal medicine to bring protective K-9 spirits to you. Procuring your animal bones from a reputable and humane resource is essential. It is always best to stumble upon any bones you use for magic either while hiking or by looking earnestly for an ethical source—unless, of course, you want your karma dogged by the haunted hounds of Hades. Let’s assume not.

Cleanse by washing the bone in sea salt water and then purify it with smudge smoke. Give a blessing of thanks to the spirit of the dog. If you knew the animal or have a kinship with its breed, then offer a prayer to the seed spirit of that species and sing a drumming or keening song to soothe the magic into action. Howling when you are in need or whimpering out for your spiritual pack will help you to feel that this medicine is always with you. Dog magick is about loyalties and devotion. Take the time in your life to commit to those who truly support you, and sink your teeth into the shadow that stalks your sense of peace and repose.
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