Vesuvius Day

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Patchouli
On August 24, 79 CE, Mount Vesuvius erupted. Hot ash and pumice buried the Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae.

This is a good time to honor the element of fire. For this spell you need a red candle, a flat piece of igneous rock (such as pumice), and something to mark the stone. Light the candle and set the rock on your altar. Meditate on how fire can be a source of destruction (as in burning a forest) or creation (as in making new land). Mentally assign one aspect of fire to each side of the stone. Mark them accordingly. Then say:

"The power of fire destroys
All things in time: loves,
hates, griefs, joys.
The power of fire creates
All that it takes: griefs,
joys, loves, hates."

Imagine sealing those energies in the stone. Later, when you need to change fire’s manifestation, turn over the rock.
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