Try Creative Procrastination

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Lily
Sometimes you just know it’s not quite time to make an important decision. That’s when you need to do some creative procrastinating. You can sing “Tomorrow” from the Broadway musical Annie. Another good song (from Mack and Mabel ) is “Tap Your Troubles Away.” ( These are both on YouTube.) You can walk around humming these songs while you’re working up to your decision.

When you’ve procrastinated and tapdanced long enough, find a sage or a crone whose advice you respect. With this person, cast a circle, light a yellow candle (the color of the third chakra: strength of will, sense of purpose), and invoke Thoth or Athena. Lay Tarot card XII, the Hanged Man, on your altar. After listening carefully to divine wisdom and good, human advice and considering what the best decision might be, reverse the Tarot card so he’s not just hanging there anymore. Give thanks for inspiration and practical advice… and make that decision.
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