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A Well Full of Pennies and My Two Cents

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Ginger
Leaving pennies for others to find and designate as lucky is a small way of improving your own karma. This fun spell refocuses your attention on serving the needs of others and prevents self-focused attachment to wealth. Even small amounts of money can seem large when in penny form. This spell will take you longer than you might think.

Today, visit your bank and cash $8.88 worth of pennies. Pick a thing that you are eternally grateful for having in life, and give each penny away in the name of that gratitude throughout the day. Take your time and give each penny with a lucky intent, one by one. Be willingly generous today. As you leave each coin, think of the original high value of a penny and be sure that each coin is resting heads up. Do your best to evoke luck and hope in the lives of others and your needs will always be fulfilled if remember to support others when you experience success.
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