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Gratitude Ritual

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Narcissus

Happy fall equinox! Today marks the second harvest, a time of thanksgiving and celebration. Day and night are exactly equal in length on this date, and after today, the moon will officially get more sky-time than the sun until spring.

Here is a simple ceremony to be performed on the fall equinox to give thanks for all that we have harvested this year, to share a toast with the earth, and to welcome the season of darkness.

Gather thirteen nuts or berries and a glass of apple cider or wine. Go outside at dusk and dig a shallow hole in the earth. One at a time, hold a nut or berry in your hand, state something you are thankful for, and place it in the ground. Do this for all your nuts or berries, then bury them. Pour some of your beverage onto the spot and then take a sip of it. Next, hold your glass up to the west and say cheers to the coming darkness. Watch night fall as you enjoy your drink.

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