Wish Upon an Apple Spell

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Balsam

Apples are a most magical fruit. Perform this spell in September, when apples are at their peak.

Go where apples grow, and select a fruit still upon the tree.

The color of crimson red it should be.

While you hold your wish in your thoughts,

Wash it clean of all specks and spots.

Cut your magical fruit in half, and eat one half before bed.

On paper, write your wish in ink of red.

Set your wish and other apple half upon your windowsill.

Before retiring, into the apple project your will.

Upon arising the next morn, while you’re all alone,

Bury the remaining half and your wish near your home.

Your wish must be kept secret, now and forever more.

Tell no one, even after the wish is yours.


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