Turning Over a New Leaf

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

This is a spell to bless the resolution of a new habit or practice.

You will need:
• A green candle in a holder
• A nail or implement to carve the candle
• A bay leaf
• An ink pen suitable for writing on the bay leaf
• 4 pieces of quartz crystal
• A cauldron or fire-safe ash pot

Create a sigil to represent your resolution and carve it into the candle using the nail or implement. Carefully draw this sigil on the bay leaf, then place the leaf face down in the center of your altar, with the candle just behind it. Then place the crystals (representing the four directions) on the corners of the altar.

Reach out and take hold of the bay leaf. Flip it over in a motion toward yourself, over and over, seven times, while saying:

This new leaf I turn and turn.
My new life begins right now.

Carefully burn the leaf in the flame of the candle and toss it into the cauldron or pot. Dispose of the remnants in any way you desire. Allow the candle to burn down safely. As your new habits are challenged, remember the sensation of turning the leaf in your hands as a mental charm to keep you on your new path.

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