Spirit Animal Wax Talisman

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Mint

Today is World Animal Day, and all over the globe people are celebrating and bringing awareness to animals and causes related to animal rights. In honor of this, and to tap into the potent energy of animalhuman partnership, create this talisman to help you grow in power and resonance with your spirit animal.

Etch a depiction of your spirit animal onto a small wax disc. ( These can easily be made by melting wax and pouring a shallow amount into muffin tins to harden.) Connect to your spirit animal and ask it to join you and to share its medicine by placing a piece of its energy into this wax disc. When you feel that this has been done, seal the energy by painting the etching gold. Save this talisman and use it to empower other objects with similar energy.

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