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In Service to Equality

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Violet

Today is the birth date of Eleanor Roosevelt, America’s longestserving first lady. Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong civil rights supporter and served as a strong voice in favor of equal pay and benefits to be extended to all races in an administration with official positions that were mostly to the contrary. Even in our current times it is plain to see that there are many civil rights battles that are still ongoing. Let us remember Eleanor and continue to strive for the equality of all people as we examine our relationships to others in society. Light a candle and recite:

Candle burning bright,
Passion for equality may it ignite.
Illuminate the ways for me,
That I may be of service
to those around me.

Contemplate how you can make a positive contribution to civil rights movements. How can you help lift others and create positive change? Journal your thoughts.

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