Spell for Courage

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Marigold

Use this spell to increase your sense of confidence and courage so that you can face any challenges that arise with greater strength and bravery. Stand outside under the light of the full moon and sprinkle around your feet a circle of powdered cinnamon. Strike your most courageous pose and imagine that you are an allpowerful superhero with supernatural abilities as you invite the moonlight to pour into your body. Howl at the moon if it seems fitting, imagining yourself as a wild and untamable beast, fierce and full of vigor. When you feel as if you’ve got a good fake courage going on, imagine lions, crocodiles, or other symbols of danger lurking just beyond the perimeter of cinnamon that surrounds you. Take a step or leap out of the circle of cinnamon as you say boo! at the imaginary dangers.

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