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Invocation to Carpo

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Marjoram

The ancient Greeks divided the seasons into spring, summer, and autumn. The three Horae (goddesses) watched over them in turn. Thallo brought the flowers of spring. Auxo increased the plant growth in summer. Carpo ripened the harvest in autumn, and then returned the land to rest until spring should come again. Here is an invocation for Carpo, suitable for a variety of autumn rituals:

Blessed be, bringer of food,
Cloud-keeper of autumn’s mood.
All ripens and withers now:
Garden, orchard, field, and cow.
Hera’s handmaid, full of grace,
Carpo, come and show your face.

After the ritual concludes, you may use this devocation, customarily delivered by the same person who invoked Carpo:

We give thanks for autumn’s food
And the clouds of Carpo’s mood.

Rite is done and over now,
Fallow field and sleeping cow.
Carpo, take our thanks with grace.
Now depart and veil your face.


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