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Who Are Our Modern Saints?

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Yarrow

Halfway through the first Christian millennium, there were already too many saints to have their own days. This led to the creation of All Saints’ Day, which honors all saints known and unknown. (Read more online in the Catholic Encyclopedia at www.newadvent. org/cathen/01315a.htm.) We know that some saints, like Saint Brigit, are pagan goddesses or gods with new names and invented histories.

We Pagans can name our own modern saints. These are people, religious or not, who work for the rights of all people and to protect our Mother Earth and all her children. My nominations are Eleanor Roosevelt, Pete Seeger, and Nelson Mandela. Whom do you nominate?

Gather your coven, name your modern saints, and cast a circle with a purple candle for each person named. Lay photos or other symbols of these people on the altar. Honor them by singing your favorite chants. Invoke their help to inspire you to carry on their good works.

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