A Full Moon Spell to Increase Psychic Powers

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Ginger

The November full moon, also known as the Frost Moon, is a potent time to perform spells to increase psychic abilities. For this spell you’ll need a small glass or crystal sphere. Hold the sphere up so the moon is visible through it. If it’s a cloudy night, face toward the direction of the moon. Hold the image of the moon with your eye and say:

Frost Moon, guardian of the Mysteries,
Bestow upon me the gift of prophecy.
Frost Moon, crown jewel of
the November night,
Bless me with the gift of second sight.

Thus, you’ve charged your sphere with the psychic energy of the November full moon. This is now a sacred magical tool. Keep it wrapped in fine black fabric, such as silk or velvet. Let no one else touch it. Place it on your altar when you work with any divining tool.

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