Ear Charms to Improve Listening

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Rosemary

Earrings with bells are of ancient origin. The Kashmir Valley inhabitants of northwestern India date them back to the third-century- BCE Indus River, and they still believe that these jhumka bobbles are sacred to the goddess Parvati. Evocative of Shakti, the force of sound and creation, they symbolize the Himalayan divine creatrix of all life. Anointing and wearing these charms on days when compassion, understanding, and listening are your goals will bring you success.

Acquire a pair of jhumka bellshaped earrings that make a soft, soothing noise when they move. Wash both of them gently in black salt. Anoint them with seven drops each of saffron oil and rose oil to aromatically inspire listening skills that open like roses in the dew. Every time the bells on your jhumkas jingle, remember to listen for Shakti. These charms are especially favored around family holidays and are a common gift between sisters and friends.

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