Jupiter Clarity Spell

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Bayberry

Currently the sun, the new moon, and Jupiter are all stationed in Sagittarius, making for some pretty potent energy. This is a time when your internal world is begging to be set free and allowed to manifest, but before it can do so, you must first find the words to describe what it is you are experiencing and what it is you want to manifest. Using the power of Jupiter (which rules Sagittarius), we can find those words.

Light a gold candle and place it before you. In your mind’s eye, draw the sigil for Jupiter ( m) and envision it entering the candle flame. Focus on the tension you feel internally, and send it into the candle flame as well. Take a few breaths and then visualize the symbol for Jupiter leaving the flame and entering your throat chakra. Spend the next few days meditating and journaling about anything that comes up.

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