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Quiet Ties

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

During the holidays, everything cranks up to a higher intensity. For extroverts, this is a ton of fun, but for introverts, not so much. Some people with special needs also feel pressured. That can slop a lot of unpleasant energy over your personal space. Happily, you can help keep the holidays fun for your friends and family.

First, encourage people to leave their crud at the door. In mundane space, use a doormat and a “Please wipe your feet” sign; clean the mat frequently. In Pagan space, you can put a smudge stick and/or feather fan at the door.

Provide a tranquil space for people to get away from the ruckus during large rituals, parties, or other events. A spare room or out-of-the-way corner will do. Offer quiet activities such as magazines, a basket of fidgets, Tarot cards, board games, puzzles, etc.

Encourage people to relax and blow off negative vibes. It helps.

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