The Lure of Lore

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Lily

We are creeping toward the Christmas and New Year holidays, the Twelfth Night and Three Kings festivities—the time of year when many families hunker down around the table and tell stories. Folk tales and fairy stories have been around since language began. Worldwide, the classics enjoy alternative plots and characters. As group entertainment, might I suggest a collective story-writing experience in which no witch is evil ( because we know we are not!). Provide paper and writing instruments for each family member. Choose a story, and have everyone contribute. Even the youngest can draw illustrations. Set the timer, have everyone read their ideas out loud, and then work to combine them into an interesting and personal take on a classic. Edit, polish, and print copies for everyone. Abracadabra! A wonderful holiday memory has been created, a tradition begun.

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