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A Key to Protection

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Magnolia

Saturdays are under Hecate’s care. Today, let’s work with her to create a protection talisman using a key, an item commonly associated with her. Use this talisman when the stray energies flying around you are getting to be a bit much to tolerate. Find yourself a key and a length of cord. It needs to be a key you will not use for any other function or purpose. A modern or antique key will work equally well. Light a candle to Hecate, attach the cord to the key so that it may be worn as a necklace, and place the key next to the candle. Recite:

Goddess Hecate, guardian of witches,
Your dark cloak of protection
I do invoke!
A key to unlock these mysteries,
Enchant and instill.
I’ll wear it around my neck
So that with your protection I shall fill!
So mote it be!

Allow the candle to safely burn down and then wear your talisman as needed.

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