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Sun Day, Sun Day!

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Patchouli

A golden light rises in the sky, its light so bright that if you look directly into it, you’ll be blinded. All life responds to its golden touch.

We call it our sun, but actually it’s a ball of fire burning at more than 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. Thankfully its distance from Earth allows us to benefit from its immense heat, but stand in the sun’s rays for too long and you’ll surely get a sunburn (no matter your skin tone).

Appreciate the power of the sun, which we neither control nor command. Strike a yoga pose, or lift a burning sage bundle to our golden light.

Praise our sun:
Blessed orb of golden light,
Which lights our days and
warms our nights,
Without you we could not be.
We honor you with love,
respect, and humility.

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