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Boxing Day: Know Your Human Rights

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

The British Victorian tradition of the Christmas box is one of the first ways that aristocratic employers gave workers a holiday bonus, ensuring them a livable wage. As automation alters our labor model, the basic living wage is an increasingly popular subject on Boxing Day. What is our own evolution of rudimentary human rights? Are we living on outdated and unhealthy commodities? Take stock of our shared birthright to the earth’s sustainable resources.

Our allotment of food, shelter, medicine, and goods—if assured— is only for right now; our very next moment brings with it constant change. Gather with family to discuss ways to positively impact those places in the community where environmental, labor, or civil rights are under threat; the struggle may be closer to home than you think.

Finally, work together to craft a care package and gift it to someone who has worked tirelessly and is in need of sustainability on this day of reflection and gratitude.

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