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Wipe Away Negativity

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Lily

Today is Epiphany. Many Christians believe this was the day the Three Wise Men met the baby Jesus. Today, some Christians, especially in Central Europe, chalk the initials of the Wise Men on their front door to protect their home from evil spirits. This form of protection magic is the basis of this spell, which you can use to protect yourself or your home or banish a bad habit. You’ll need a small chalkboard, white chalk, an eraser, bottled spring water, and a clean rag.

First, bless the chalkboard by wiping it with the spring water and the rag. You may also say a blessing. Then write whatever it is you want to banish or protect yourself from on the board. Think about your problem for a while. Next, vigorously erase the board as you visualize the problem being wiped away. Clean the board again with the water. The spell is done.

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