The Wishing Rock

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Bayberry

Today is Old Rock Day, which celebrates petrology, the scientific study of old rocks and fossils. It’s a great day to make a wishing rock, using the earth element for manifestation.

Gather these supplies:
* A rock or stone you’ve found
* Water-based paint in a color that contrasts with the rock or a white sticker and a black marker
* A sigil you’ve created that represents your wish

Bless and consecrate all the materials by holding them in your hands and blowing gently on them. Imagine your breath as a sacred cleansing wind that purifies them. Paint your sigil on the rock or draw it on the sticker and fasten it to the rock. Hold the rock in your hand for a few minutes, visualizing your wish as manifested. Repeat once a day from now through the full moon on March 9. Each day, take one small action toward the manifestation of your wish.

Then wash the sigil off the rock or remove the sticker. You can cleanse the rock and reuse it for another manifestation spell.

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