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Solar Citrine as a Winter Light

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Hyssop

For those of us who live in an area of the world blanketed in snow around this time of year, and even for those of us who feel that occasional rush of bitter cold during the first parts of the year, those moments when sunlight emerges feel like a blissful reconnection to a warmer time of year.

To harness a little bit of this solar flare, acquire two pieces of citrine and wait for one of those sublime wintertime moments when you feel the sun reminding you of its imminent return. Focus your energy on that moment occurring either today or later this week, and you will be sure to take notice.

When you feel that rare solar radiance tapping through the cold, hold the pieces of citrine up to the sun and imagine the solar light filling them to the brim. Say something like this:

These stones are alchemized,
magnetized, charged with the
light of the conquering sun.

Keep one stone in each pocket throughout the winter season to stay connected to the nourishing light of the returning spring and summer.

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