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Thinking of You

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Lilac

In January 1673, postal service began between New York and Boston. In honor of this, take a few minutes to write a real letter or card (not an email) to someone you value with whom you haven’t had contact in a long time.

Gather these supplies:
* Paper or a card
* A pen
* An envelope
* A pretty stamp

Bless the supplies in the name(s) of Mercury and/or Iris. In addition to being the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris keeps lines of communication open between the worlds.

As you write, focus on how much you care about the recipient. Let that energy flow through your pen and into your words.

You can keep it simple. Even the words I’m thinking about you and wish you happiness can make an enormous difference in someone’s day.

Write the note by hand and address the envelope by hand. Attach the stamp, then mail the card with this blessing:

May this note brighten (recipient’s) day. It will!

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