Dream Divine-ly!

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Violet

The dark moon is a term used by magic users to describe the time when the moon cannot be seen in the night sky, while new moon is used by astronomers and astrologers to describe the same period. The new moon stands opposite the full moon; it’s marked by a deep sense of quiet and is often part of new beginnings and renewals. It’s also a great time for divination and introspection.

Just before bedtime on this dark moon night, set up a quiet candlelit workspace with your favorite divination tool at hand. Put on clean nightclothes and wash your hands and face. When you are settled into your workspace, use divination to ask questions about your path, your direction, your choices, or other areas of interest. Immediately after divining, safely extinguish the candles and go straight to bed in a dark room. Your deep dark-moon dreams will bring answers to your questions.

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