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Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Neroli

In Japan, today is Setsubun, which literally translates to “seasonal division.” According to the lunar calendar, Setsubun marks the first day of spring. Observances of this holiday are often based in the intention to banish negativity and summon good fortune. Some households practice mamemaki, in which a member of the family goes outside, dons a demon mask, and knocks on the door. The other members of the family open the door and throw roasted soybeans at the “demon,” chanting, Demons out! Luck in! until he goes away.

Try convincing someone to do this with you to purify and bless your household for the lunar cycle ahead. Otherwise, you can just open the door and throw beans out at an imagined demon for the same magical effect. Continue the traditional observance by eating one roasted soybean for every year of your life, and an additional one to bless the year ahead.

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