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Warm the Soul Incense

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Balsam

February can be the longest month of the year due to the cold and lack of sunlight. This incense is designed to warm the soul and provide some positive energy during an often bleak time of year. The incense uses things readily available in most homes, but you’ll need a small piece of charcoal designed to burn incense on.

For your incense, mix and grind together any combination of the following ingredients: orange zest, clove, dried lavender, spearmint, basil, rosemary, vanilla bean, fennel, and parsley. Place on your glowing charcoal briquette and inhale the smoke. Visualize it warming you from the inside, soothing fears, worries, and any seasonal depression.

The incense may then be walked throughout your home to revitalize your living space and clear away any negative energy.

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