Dionysus Spell for Excess and Abundance

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Ylang-Ylang

Fat Tuesday is the peak of Mardi Gras season, a time of excess and abundance. In the ancient world, Dionysus was often associated with excess, so he’s the perfect deity to celebrate with today.

For this spell, call up some friends and either prepare an indulgent meal or plan a visit to your favorite restaurant. Once the meal has been served and everyone is comfortable eating and drinking, say this toast to Dionysus:

What we have shared together will come back threefold,
As the laws of magick have promised and foretold!
Let there be joy, food, and abundance in this place.
This we ask by your power and your grace!
So mote it be!

Make sure to fix a plate (and a drink!) for Dionysus, and then present this to him as an offering at the end of your meal.

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