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The Mother of Us All

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

Unlike some people who follow the standard-brand religions, we Pagans know that our Mother Planet is alive and conscious. She is the mother of us all, from water and rocks to trees, grass, and gardens to microbes, to cockroaches, mice and rats, and elephants, to pigeons and ravens, and to every human being of any gender or skin color. Celebrate your connection to our Mother Planet today.

First, do some recycling. What do you have that you no longer use but someone else could use? What does not need to go into a landfill? Second, volunteer where volunteers are truly needed. What sisters or brothers can you help? Third, gather your circle or community for a ritual of gratitude that we live on a generous planet. Promise to work for her good health.

Mother Planet, bless your
children, bless us all,
Bless and keep us, summer,
winter, spring, and fall.

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