Banishing Lack Spell

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Rosemary

For this spell, you’ll need a black candle in a holder, burnable copies of your bills, and a heatproof container in which to burn them, such as a small cauldron or a plant pot plate painted black.

Find a safe place to do this sacred burning, then cast a circle around you and invite your chosen guardians and gods in your usual way. Take a moment to let your imagination wander to all the worst-case scenarios that have been playing in your head lately. Then take a small blade or wooden pick and inscribe the candle with symbols and words representing those fears. Let the energy build by reviewing the bills you feel especially fearful about, then say:

As the moon wanes, so let poverty
and lack wane. Blessed Lord and
Lady, take these burdens from me.

Take the bills, one at a time, and as you say these words, light each bill in turn in the candle flame, then quickly place them into the container you brought and watch them burn. As each bill burns, visualize it getting paid in full and on time. After all the bills have burned, take some time and gaze at the candle flame and allow yourself to relax and open to the peace of debt relief.

Be sure to follow up with energies conducive to getting your bills paid, such as taking the offer of working overtime or reining in your spending. You might also choose to buy a lottery ticket!

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