Snakes of Transformation Spell

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Cedar

Rather than celebrate Saint Patrick today, let’s celebrate snakes. Snakes are symbols of transformation. Medusa, the snake-haired goddess who could turn men to stone with a glance, aids dramatic change. The ribbons in this spell symbolize snakes. As they twist in the wind, they represent the intellect and the element of air— new ideas to manifest change.

Gather these supplies:
* Ribbons in colors corresponding to your desired changes
* A marker in a color that contrasts with the ribbons
* A place to hang the ribbons where air will move them
(a curtain rod, tree branch, etc.)

Using the marker, write one desired
change on each ribbon. Tie the ribbons
to the curtain rod or tree branch
(or whatever you choose to use). Say:

Medusa, please aid me in being
the transformation I see in my life,
taking action rather than going along to get along.

Let the snakes
of transformation twist in the
winds of change. So mote it be.

As each change initiates, remove the ribbon and continue the work.

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