Dry Floor Wash Cleansing

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Almond

Have a room that needs a bit of an energy cleansing? Mix up this dry floor wash and grab your broom!

Gather these ingredients:
* 3 tablespoons sea salt
* ½ cup each of dried rosemary, vervain, and sage
* A jar

Mix the ingredients together in the jar, then sprinkle it on the floor of the room in a counterclockwise motion. Start in the north and sprinkle just enough to make it around the room in a spiral three times. Allow the mixture to sit for fifteen minutes.

Next, take up your broom and, continuing in the same direction, sweep up the mixture, for as long as it takes. Once you’re satisfied that you have swept it all up, sweep the room one more time, this time in a clockwise direction.

If possible, dispose of your sweepings in a small fire.

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