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Protection Spell Jar

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Myrrh

Here is how to make a powerful protection spell jar. Most of the ingredients can be found at the supermarket. Nettle and mullein may be more difficult to obtain, but most health food stores have them.

* 1 tablespoon nettle
* 1 tablespoon mint
* 1 tablespoon mullein
* 1 tablespoon oregano
* 1 small Mason jar (1 or 2-cup size)
* Soy (vegetable) oil

Each of the ingredients is attuned to protection. Combine the herbs and put them in the jar, then pour in enough oil to fill it to the top. Before sealing the jar, empower it by holding your hands over it, sending protection energy into the jar. Put the lid on tightly and place the jar where you will see it often. Whenever you feel in need of some extra protection, lightly shake the jar like a snow globe to “excite” the magic.

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