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A Spell to Increase Your Personal Power

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Mint

This spell might not make you rich or famous, but it will help you to see your worth so you can reach your greatest level of happiness and success. You’ll need a ring of some sort, one that fits comfortably on your middle finger but that you don’t wear daily.

Go outside at sundown and place the ring on the middle finger of your non-dominant hand. As you do, say:

I wear this ring to awaken
my potential.
By the grace of the earth
and the light of the sky,
I am empowered and alive!

Sleep wearing the ring, then place it under your pillow during the day. Wear the ring while sleeping for the next eleven nights, then put it in a safe place. Whenever you want to reactivate the spell, simply wear the ring while you sleep and place it under your pillow the following day.

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