Wordless Magic

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Almond

We often think that casting sp ells requires words, but here you’ll explore the power of your body as you weave wordless magic. Decide on the desired outcome of your spell, such as eating healthier, a fulfilling job, and so forth. Be specific. Then brainstorm ways to physically act out this desired outcome.

For many of us, kinesthetic awareness can be more difficult to tap into, so allow yourself to play and experiment without judgment. One way to start is to pantomime the actions of your goal; for example, choosing and preparing healthy meals or performing satisfying job functions. As you move, notice how you feel, both bodily sensations and emotions, and allow these energies to fuel your magic as you focus on the desired outcome.

When the movements feel complete, take a few breaths in stillness and silence, and cultivate gratitude for the unfolding of your spell in a manner that is perfect for you in every way.

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