Renewing the Earth

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Marjoram

Pagans are connected to the earth and its natural cycles. We feel that bond, and today it is especially notable as it is Earth Day. Today we work to preserve the land for future generations. Our planet has sustained many blows at the hands of humankind. With the energies of today’s new moon, we can work to reverse the circumstances that created the damage.

Find a small ball, marble, or round rock to represent the earth. Take a piece of orange paper or cloth and cover the ball, which will work with and utilize the energies of the day of the week and encourage change. Hold the covered ball in your hands and visualize the waters of the earth running clear, the land strong, and the air clean. Then remove the covering as you visualize the impurities moving from the ball into the cloth. Wash the cloth or burn the paper and the spell is complete.

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