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Fast From Food but Not From Charity

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Balsam

Ramadan, which begins tonight, is a holy month. With specific exceptions, people fast and avoid sinful behavior from dawn to sunset, then feast at night. They engage in prayer both day and night.

Pagans are not cultural pirates. We do not steal other people’s observances and beliefs. But we can follow the Islamic tradition of doing charitable works, not just this month but all year. Send blessings of peace and good hope to our Muslim cousins and observe this holy month in your own way. Recite this blessing today and perhaps every morning until May 23:

As I fast from food, I know
there’s more for those in need.
As I meditate, I know that goodness
and peace go out into the world.
As I donate or volunteer where help is
needed, I know that others will receive.
I send blessings to my cousins of
every faith throughout the world.

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