A Hand print “Come to Me” Spell

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Pine

Acquire some ink or a natural dye with which you can make a handprint on a large piece of paper. I suggest mixing powdered turmeric root or beetroot with water, or research how to create natural coloring by utilizing different plant materials.

Dip your right hand in the mixture and press it firmly to the middle of the paper. As you are doing so, imagine your projective energy entering the print with a superboost of power.

After washing your hands, take a marker and write symbols and words that are aligned with your manifestations on the print. For example, you may draw dollar signs and smiley faces, or perhaps create your own symbols and sigils aimed at increasing abundance on numerous levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Enchant this piece however you would like, ideally giving it at least one day of pure sunlight by placing it securely outside. You may wish to keep this piece as a magickal focal item, or you may wish to burn it in a sacred Beltane fire.

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