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Miracle of Spring Spell

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Geranium

The miracle of spring is all around us now. What was once a mist of green on the trees has turned into a leafy canopy. What was once a bare stem now bears flowers. Let this season of growth inspire your spellwork. This spell will help any wish come true. You’ll need a pale green candle and a holder, paper, and a pen.

First, think of your wish and write it down. Then light the candle. As you sit before the candle, speak your wish aloud, then say this charm:

Trees are in leaf, flowers
bloom, buds swell.
Let the life force of nature feed my spell.

Let the candle burn for a while, then snuff it out. Repeat this spell three nights in a row. Hide your wish until it comes true, then discard it. Use the candle again for other growth spells.

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