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Catching Dreams

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Carnation

Make an inspirational dream catcher to bring your dreams to fruition!

You’ll need:
* 8 six-inch sticks, dowels, or twigs
* Natural-fiber string
* Crystal beads or small totems (garnet, lapis, citrine, labradorite, or malachite—or substitutes of like color)
* Small items you associate with success or prosperity
* A small pad of paper
* A pencil

Lash the sticks together firmly at their centers, like spokes in a wheel. If you’re not comfortable with lashing, hot glue will work. Tie your string to the center of one spoke and begin weaving over and under the others, working clockwise, spider web–style, and leaving space between the threads.

As you work, add in your crystal beads and items. Knot the string when done, adding a loop for hanging.

Hang the dream catcher over your bed. Before sleeping, sit before it and meditate on your hopes of success. Then sleep and dream. When you awaken, immediately record your dream memories on paper.

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