To Your Health!

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Myrrh

Are you a little under the weather? Not feeling like your usual vigorous self ? Experiencing some sort of malady? A healing spell will be just the thing.

You’ll need a small blue candle in a protective/safe holder (a small Mason jar is ideal) and a small piece of clear quartz crystal.

Light the candle and meditate for a moment on how you currently feel and the changes you are looking for. Take the crystal in your dominant hand and hold it over your heart. Repeat:

Powers of the universe,* I beseech,
Your healing aid I earnestly seek.
May your energies be with me today,
Healing and guiding me on my way.
As this warming candle burns,
May my well-being soon return.

Place the quartz in the candle’s wax pool. Allow the candle to burn down safely, extinguishing itself.

* If desired, substitute the name of a favorite deity or guardian for “the universe.”

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