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Protecting Our Sacred National Spaces

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Mulberry

For the past four years, our national parks, our waters, even the air we breathe have been in peril as protective measures have been erased from our laws. What will remain for future generations? Is our nation turning into a dystopia? It’s time to do both practical work and protective spellwork.

First, we can donate to organizations like the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Friends of the Earth. Second, we can do volunteer work with local environmental groups. Third, we can work at our altars. If enough of us take action, the energy can build into a critical mass that will lead to positive change.

Begin by laying Tarot cards III (the Empress) and IV (the Emperor) in the center of your altar. Then visualize cards zero (the Fool) and I (the Magician) having a little meeting. Set the Fool and the Magician at the sides of the Empress and the Emperor. Visualize them making plans to protect the land, water, and air.

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