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Honey Harmony Spell

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Ivy

Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius recently, which means that for the next 2.5 years, we will be working on improving our ability to be heard and feel understood. We can cast this spell to bring a little harmony to this placement!

Gather these items:
* Honey
* A plate
* A bowl
* About 12 ounces of fresh water in a glass

Using the honey, draw the astrological glyphs of both Saturn (R) and Aquarius (k) on the plate. Position the plate over the bowl, then slowly pour the water from the glass over the glyphs, tilting the plate slightly so the water runs off into the bowl. While you do this, say:

Saturn and Aquarius, my two
friends, together you dance
and bring good ends!

Deliver the blessings and hold the
profane, with your partnership
I have much to gain!

Once this is done, drink the honey water and immediately say:

With your partnership, I have
much to gain! So must it be!

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