Lavender Rest Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Rose

It’s okay to take time for self-care, and with the moon in Virgo today, we are all being asked to make sure we are getting enough rest. This isn’t always easy to do, so sometimes we need to make the most of what sleep or relaxation we can muster. Cast this spell on yourself to help take full advantage of your downtime. You will need a cotton ball and some lavender essential oil (or some chamomile essential oil, if you are allergic to lavender).

Five to ten minutes prior to sleep or relaxation, dab three drops of the essential oil onto the cotton ball, then apply directly to the bottoms of your feet. As you do this, say:

Rest is mine, decreed divine,
my body is a sacred shrine.
Rest is mine, decreed divine,
my mind and body now align.
Rest is mine, decreed divine,
a place for my soul to shine!

Take a few deep breaths, then begin your “me time.”

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