Cats: Our Magickal Allies

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Magnolia

It’s a fact of life that most Witches love animals—especially cats! Here’s a little spell for our feline companions.

It’s common knowledge that animal overpopulation is a widespread global problem. This is why we choose to get our pets spayed and neutered. Many cats and dogs (as well as other animals) are in great need of loving homes.

Research the ancient Egyptian goddess Bast (Bastet), and ensure that you have a representation of her, even if it’s just a printed or hand-drawn image on a sheet of paper. Call to Bast in a manner that you see fit. Burn some natural incense and offer some catnip at her feet. Thank her for her protective and nurturing qualities, and spend some time in meditation.

Take eight small pieces of paper (many cats have eight nipples) and draw a small picture of Bast on each—it doesn’t have to be perfect. Dedicate the pages in her honor, sprinkle some of the offered catnip on each one, then fold each paper a couple times to secure the catnip within it. Take these blessed charms to your local animal shelters. When visiting the cats, secretly leave them throughout the shelter, with a prayer (that you simply whisper or think) for the beloved felines to find loving homes.

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