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Confidence Candle

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Marjoram

Self-confidence is essential to a happy life, and we can always use more of it. You can make a candle to boost your confidence.

You’ll need:
* A light-colored pillar candle and holder
* A sharp nail, skewer, or large metal darning needle
* A fine-tipped permanent marker
* A candle extinguisher

Make a quick list of things that make you feel confident, your successes, or times you’ve felt extra-capable. Using your sharp tool, inscribe these into the candle, filling the space from top to bottom. Once you’re done, use the marker to fill in the etchings, making them stand out.

Place the candle in a holder on your altar and light it. Intone:

With the rising candle flame, faith
in myself is deeply ingrained.

Meditate on your confidence! Then extinguish the flame, saying:

As I put the candle out, so I
extinguish worry and doubt.

Use your candle whenever you need a boost of confidence.

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