Altar Refresh Spell

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Ivy

Even when we use our altar every day and cleanse and consecrate the items for spells and rituals, we often forget to clean the altar.

Today, remove everything from your altar so it is completely bare. Wash and wipe it down. Smudge it with your favorite cleansing scent. Ground and center by standing in front of your altar, using your feet to connect to the stability of the earth beneath the floor. Breathe until you feel the connection. Bless the altar, saying:

Clean slate,
Fresh take,
Blessed fate.

Take a look at each item you removed. Clean and bless each one. Decide what you want to place back on the altar, what needs to be changed/freshened, and what needs to be put away.

When you’re finished, light your altar candles and take a few minutes to meditate in your freshened space.

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